Phase Space.

A favourable experience I had with a teacher was during primary school when I was in grade five. Basically my favourite teacher was the grade five and six teacher (as well as the school’s art teacher) because she was always supportive of every student, encouraged imagination and in hind-sight, she understood how short the attention span of ten year olds were and knew how to subtly redirect a conversation back on track. So every year the school would hold a little arts fair showcasing students’ artwork where parents could mingle with teachers and enjoy the works of their progeny. I had a couple of pieces of art on display which my teacher really liked so she enthusiastically commended them to my parents and introduced me to her brother who was in an arts field (I forget what exactly, my memory is fuzzy) who complimented my work before shaking hands with me. It was a small thing but it made my day.


Post script: He actually shook hands with my brother first lol. Another case of people not noticing my physical existence.

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